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Useful Polish Words and Phrases

Learn the basic words and phrases of the Polish language right here and right now at i-Polish for free. All the basic language you might want to use on a vacation or a more extended stay in Poland.

In addition to this list of essential Polish words and Phrases we have eighteen freely downloadable MP3 audio lessons divided up into useful subjects and topics. Click through to our home page for the full list of Polish lessons currently online.

  • Yes = Tak
  • No = Nie
  • OK = Dobrze
  • Excuse me = Przepraszam
  • What = Co
  • Where = Gdzie
  • When = Kiedy
  • Who = Kto
  • Why = Dlaczego
  • How = Jak
  • How are you? = Jak się masz?
  • Good Morning / Afternoon = Dzien dobry
  • Good evening = Dobry wieczór
  • Hi / Bye = Czesc
  • Good bye = Do widzenia
  • I don't understand = Nie rozumiem
  • Merry Christmas = Wesołych Świąt
  • Cheers = Na zdrowie (when drinking to someone)
  • Where do you live? = Gdzie mieszkasz?
  • How much does it cost? = Ile to kosztuje?
  • Please speak more slowly = Mów wolniej
  • What do you do for a living? = Czym sie zajmujesz?
  • I am a teacher (female) = Jestem nauczycielką

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